Student Government Association

Executive Board for the SGA

NCTC Student Government Association (SGA) works to promote good will and unity among the students, effectively represent student needs and concerns, and handle other matters concerning the general welfare of the students and the College. For more information view the SGA Constitution 

Students may submit their concerns by filling out the Student Concerns Form. Any Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct or related incident can be reported through a CARES Report. Both forms may be submitted anonymously. After identifying an area for improvement on campus, SGA brainstorms possible solutions, and communicates with the appropriate offices on campus to make a more successful NCTC experience wherever possible. 

Nominations for 2018-19 SGA are open!

Executive Board  2017-2018

Alyssabeth Lafferty, SGA President

Alyssabeth Lafferty  SGA President

Alyssabeth Lafferty began school at NCTC in August of 2016, shortly after graduating high school. As of now she is in the process of completing her general studies before she transfers to a university to work on her business degree.

Passionate about the idea that community college can be fun, Alyssabeth took an active interest in NCTC Student Life and Student Government Association. She helps plan activities and field trips for students and joined the Campus Activites Board and Students In Action student organizations. Within her first semester here at NCTC, she was elected Student Body Vice-President, showing students that it is never too early to be involved.

Grateful for the amazing opportunity to lead the wonderful students here at NCTC, Alyssabeth makes sure that all student concerns are heard and expresses that all students have a voice. 

Andrew Zhao, SGA Vice President

Andrew Zhao  Vice President

Andrew (Andy) Zhao is currently enrolled as a Dual Credit student taking his 15th credit hour.

Andrew Zhao has made history in the SGA Executive board, becoming the youngest secretary at the age of fifteen. Additionally, he is dedicated to improving the environment and student life at NCTC. He was a member of the National Honor Society and National Society for High School Scholars.

Any concerns or comments that you may have can be emailed to:

Melissa Larin, Treasurer

Melissa Larin  Treasurer

Melissa Larin graduated high school in June 2016. She is currently a sophomore at NCTC and works for the Student Life Department. She plans to obtain a Masters in Teaching degree.

Helping others and making a difference is something she always strives for and does not give up until she has achieved her goal. As part of the Executive Board of the Student Government Association, she helps students fulfill their academic goals and make sure their concerns are met, because their voice matters and it will be heard!

Qazi Shaafi Ahmed, Parliamentarian

Qazi "Shaafi" Ahmed  Parliamentarian

Qazi Shaafi Ahmed is a freshman at NCTC. He began NCTC right after he graduated from high school in August of 2016. He is currently pursuing his Associate's degree and plans to transfer to a four-year university to obtain a bachelor's degree in biology.

Qazi joined the Student Government Association to get more involved and help students. He loves to meet new people and learn new things. Through communication and teamwork he wants to connect students together and ensure their needs and concerns are met. 

Student Organization Funding

Registered Student Organizations who are active in Student Government, turn in 5 Activity Approval forms, and complete the Risk Management are given $500. For more funding complete the Budget Allocation Form.