Quality Enhancement Plan

Employability Skills
Aspire to Be Hired

NCTC's Quality Enhancement Plan, to be proposed to SACSCOC in August 2021, is focused on developing students' employability and marketable skills in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. These skills prepare NCTC graduates to enter the job market and succeed in their careers.

This project will begin piloting in Fall 2020 and will scale up throughout the upcoming semesters.


North Central Texas College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Aspire to Be Hired, focuses on employability skill development for students through evidence-based training modules embedded into curriculum and structured support services. The program provides students increased marketability and preparedness through building  awareness of the importance and impact of employability skills, improved ability to articulate these skill sets and opportunities to apply the professional skills and knowledge. The overall goal is to remove barriers and reduce the skills gap for long-term student success.

Program Goals

The NCTC QEP seeks to further develop problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, ethical decision making and leadership through intentional and focused employability skills instruction within the curriculum, as well as structured support services focusing on these areas of professional development. Through the QEP implementation, these employability and professional skills will be taught, fostered and demonstrated to students. This will be accomplished through the Intentional Instruction and Coaching of Employability Skills, to:

  • Increasing student’s awareness of employability and professional skill development
  • Develop student’s ability to describe and discuss employability skills
  • Practical application of employability skills and knowledge 

Contact Us

For more information about NCTC's Quality Enhancement Plan, please contact the QEP Director, Daphne Riddle, at driddle@nctc.edu