Real Time Weather Conditions

In addition to the website posting, a limited number of area radio and television stations will be notified. The college, however, has no control over when these announcements will actually be put on the air or posted to the stations' websites. Be aware that significant delays often occur, as do errors in the announcements. Please try to avoid calling if you can-help us keep the phone lines clear for emergencies. We appreciate your cooperation. The radio/TV stations normally notified of NCTC class cancellations are:

Memories - 1580AM - Gainesville

KNTX Radio - 1410AM - Bowie

KXII (Channel 12) - Sherman/Denison

WFAA (Channel 8) - Dallas/Fort Worth

KXAS (Channel 5) - Fort Worth/Dallas

KDFW-Fox4 (Channel 4) - Dallas/Forth Worth

KTEN (Channel 10) - Ardmore/Denison

Up-to-the-Minute Weather
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North Texas Area Weather

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Important Notice

Use your best judgement. If you believe you would be putting yourself at risk by driving to campus, even if classes have not been officially cancelled, stay home!

Decisions to cancel or not cancel classes during periods of bad weather are made according to an assessment by college officials of driving conditions within a fairly close proximity of each campus at a given time. Conditions, of course, can change quickly, and conditions at your location may be significantly different.