Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) helps prepare the college community for emergencies through planning, training, and practice. The office is responsible for emergency management, environmental management, and maintaining compliance with state and federal laws regulating emergency management practices.

The office has the primary role of:

  • Maintaining life safety
  • Preparing, responding, and managing recovery from emergency situations district-wide
  • Identifying and mitigating hazards
  • Preserving NCTC property and facilities in emergency situations

Emergency Management Maintains:

  • LionALERT
    Emergency Text and Email Notification, Computer Desktop Override Alerts, Alert Beacons, Audible Broadcast, and Digital Signage
  • Enhanced 911
    On Campus
  • The Environmental Management System


Chris McLaughlin
Director of Emergency Management (EMC)
(940) 668-3309

Be ready to respond to natural disasters, hazards both physical and technological, health threats, or other emergency situations. Know what to do and how to direct others that may be visitors and guests that are unfamiliar with the emergency procedures at NCTC.

Know What to Do
Actions You Should Take in Emergency Situations


Leave the building immediately.

  • DO NOT use elevators
  • ASSIST the disabled
  • TAKE valuables and cell phone with you
  • PROCEED to assembly area outside


Find a safe place in a building.

  • USE interior rooms away from doors/windows
  • STAY TUNED to LionAlert or officials for updates
  • WAIT for "All Clear" from campus officials


Violent situation: Use the RUN HIDE FIGHT plan.

  • RUN and avoid the danger if possible. Get to safety then report the situation - call 911.
  • HIDE and deny if you cannot safely avoid danger. Lock doors and barricade entries, turn off lights, be silent.
  • FIGHT to defend yourself if your life is in danger.

For Medical & All Other Emergencies

DIAL 911

NCTC Public Safety: (940) 668-4270
Campus Operations: (940) 668-4219