NCTC faculty member chosen for international education seminar

Elizabeth F. Dieter | Jun 15, 2017

Dr. Rochelle Gregory, North Central Texas College Instructor and English, Speech and Foreign Languages Department Chair, was recently chosen to serve at the Fulbright International Education Administrators Seminar in Germany next year.

The Core Fulbright Scholar Program offers over 500 teaching, research or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries. Opportunities are available for a variety of college and university professionals. The specific program that Gregory will participate in is designed to familiarize U.S. higher education administrators with Germany’s higher education system, society and culture.

Ultimately, the goal for Gregory is to explore partnerships between NCTC and it’s German counterparts so that NCTC students can have the option for international education.

“I believe passionately that international education should not be an opportunity only reserved for wealthier students,” said Gregory. “The benefits of international education are as equally beneficial for low-income students as they are for wealthier ones. Fulbright scholars have the ethical obligation to develop creative, rigorous, and meaningful study abroad opportunities for all students, including those attending community colleges.”

This prestigious academic exchange program will greatly benefit NCTC in developing programs, faculty exchanges and student exchanges. The Fulbright offers an opportunity to develop programs that benefit both NCTC and German students.

“The impact of the study abroad program for our students cannot be underestimated,” said Jill Swarner, NCTC Instructor and Honors Coordinator.  “Dr. Gregory has had such success with her current study abroad programs at NCTC—despite the challenges of working at a community college with a student population who often cannot afford the time or money for international education—that she is now mentoring and training her colleagues to develop their own study abroad experiences. I feel confident that she would also use this experience in Germany to create meaningful opportunities at North Central Texas College for our faculty, staff, and students.”

Gregory said much of her drive comes from her personal experiences as a student.

“As a result of my own experiences as a low-income, first generation college student who has fully realized the ‘American Dream’ through education, I am proud and honored to serve as a citizen ambassador representing the United States, North Central Texas College, and the Fulbright program in Germany,” said Gregory. “I am committed to ensuring that all students—regardless of income, age, and vocation—have equal opportunities to grow through international education.

“These experiences have fueled my passion and commitment to my community college students and informed my Fulbright application, and it will be an honor to serve the Fulbright program, my country, and my college as a participant in this seminar.”