NCTC Alumni Spotlight

Amy Brown | Jun 22, 2017

Mark Twain has been quoted as saying, “You’re never wrong to do the right thing.” If you had told Tommy Moore twenty-five years ago that he would one day be a project manager for the Federal Aviation Administration, he probably wouldn’t have believed you. Officially, his title is a mouthful, Operations Manager for Service Integrity Risk Analysis Process.

tommy-moore-2.jpgUndeniably, Tommy has been blessed in his career. His job consists of reading, writing, and public speaking; ironically, none of which he enjoyed in his younger years. However, persistence, integrity, and responsibility have always been at the forefront of Tommy’s mind.

 A graduate of Gainesville High School, Tommy married Paula, whom he met while working at Walmart. In 1987 after joining the United States Air Force, the two moved to Abilene, where their eldest daughter, Brittanye, was born a year later. Tommy joined the Texas Air National Guard in 1990 and was deployed three months later to the United Arab Emirates, where he spent the next six and a half months during Desert Storm. In 1991, Tommy came home and his family moved back to Gainesville. It was then that he began his career with the Federal Aviation Administration. There, you could say Tommy literally has done it all- from technician, to evaluator, to auditor, for air traffic control and radar communications, and he’s had the time of his life.

Several years into his career, an upper-level management opportunity incited Tommy, but it required that he obtain a degree. So, in the fall of 1997, he enrolled at Cooke County College, now NCTC. Though by now a busy father of three, working forty plus hours a week, Tommy says he loved going to school here. He fondly remembers Professor Ron Melugin, under whom his daughter later learned. It was also at Cooke County College that Tommy discovered a love for technical writing. A non-traditional student indeed, Tommy says he probably wouldn’t have been successful had he enrolled in college straight out of high school. But in 2000, Tommy graduated with an Associate of Science Degree. Having the responsibility and wisdom that comes with being an adult helped to motivate his achievement. With this open door came more opportunity, and Tommy found himself working his way up the corporate ladder. Today, his program is responsible for assessing and quantifying the risk associated with unexpected failure, interruption, or degradation of technical services used by air traffic control. He is, quite literally, saving lives and working to keep the sky’s safe.

It is not only in the corporate realm that Tommy has excelled as a leader. As their daughters have one by one left for college, he and Paula have become increasingly more active in the community. He served for eight years on the school board, where he helped to successfully pass a bond for the new high school. Currently, he is a city council member, and upcoming President of the Medal of Honor Host City program. Tommy believes there are so many returns in service and becoming engaged with others. For him and Paula, perhaps one of the most rewarding facets of their civic involvement has been witnessing their daughters’ pride in their community. Together, they’ve taught their girls to embrace diversity, to love their town, and to have a strong work ethic. Truly, his job as Dad, has been his most fulfilling. Tommy beams with pride when he speaks of his three daughters: Brittanye, Morgan, and Jordan.

Tommy leaves an impact on everyone he meets. As I close, I can’t help but share another quote, this time by Robby Novak, because it just resonates who Tommy really is, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” After sitting down with him, I feel inspired.