Cast list announced for "The Little Mermaid"

NCTC Drama | Feb 27, 2017

Little Mermaid
Cast List

Ariel – Ariann Bencid
Prince Eric – Hunter Avery
Sebastian – Ryan Ramirez
Scuttle – Kylie Woodlock
King Triton – Louis Krahl
Grimsby – Ray Gelo
Ursula – Darby Birdwell
Flotsam – Kendra Flusche
Jetsam – Emma Stevens
Chef Louie – Andrew Carroll
Pilot – Matt Meade

Leeward - Lyra Mason
Windward - Liam Cotton


Christine Bolitho
Maddison Darnell
Shannon Hall
Hortence Keita
Annjeanette Martin
Gwen Steinecke
Emily White

Triton’s Court – Chorus

Carlie Cleveland
Alicia Harrison
Krystal Kieninger
Paige Morgan
Jorge Ortiz
Brandi Richardson

Triton’s Court – Dancers

Ruth Ann Eddleman
Evelyn Gelo
Joie Kintz
Savannah Marie Mendez
Ariana Simmons
Hayli Stephens

Guppie Glee Club

Sofi Corona
Cecilia Corona
Chai Martin
Bailey McQuien
Sydney Ponce
Addison Stevens
Breely Twito

The first rehearsal will be on March 23 at 6:30 PM.

We have not decided on a Flounder, but will have special auditions on March 23 out of the Guppie Glee Club to make the choice.

Thanks to all who auditioned. Please keep checking NCTC Drama Facebook for other opportunities to audition and participate in live theater at NCTC.