Dual Credit student on the Bowie campus

Dual Credit is an opportunity for 9th - 12th grade students to earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Upon successful completion of the college course, the high school agrees to provide credit for your work.


Dual Credit is open to students in 9th - 10th grade upon approval of the high school counselor or designee. Students must meet TSIA2 college readiness scores as mandated by the state of Texas, in addition to a "C" or higher high school GPA. High schools may have higher standards or additional requirements. It is important to check with your high school before starting the process of admission and registration.


It is important to remember that TSIA2 College Ready test scores are not always an accurate measurement of student success. NCTC has compiled Tips for Becoming a Successful Dual Credit Student that may help students. Research indicates that GRIT may be more important in determining student success than college readiness scores.

Admissions Process

Dual Credit On Track supplies a complete admissions and registration checklist and timeline for students to follow.


Tuition costs are determined each year by NCTC Board of Regents. Dual Credit students attending a high school within NCTC's service district receive a reduced tuition rate. Tuition rate is based on residency as either In-District, In-District Branch Campus, Out of District, or Out of State.

Dual Credit Fall 2021, Spring & Summer 2022

High School Students attending a High School in NCTC’s Service Area and taking Dual Credit courses will pay the discounted rates below.

Tuition rates for the the Fall 2020, Spring and Summer 2021 Semesters based on student residency.
Residency Tuition General Use Fee Out-of-District Total per Semester Hour
(Cooke County Residents)
$0.00 $43.00 N/A $43.00
In-District Branch Campus
(Graham ISD)
$0.00 $43.00 $20.00 $63.00
In-State $57.00 $43.00 $32.00 $132.00
Out-of-State $136.00 $43.00 $46.00 $225.00


Each high school has a list of approved courses. Check with your counselor for approved courses. You can check the Searchable Schedule for find a complete list of all college courses.

Class Schedule


Texas Senate Bill 148 required institutions of higher education to adopt Core Curriculum. NCTC Core Curriculum consists of 42 college hours that can transfer in block to any state university in Texas. If plan to attend a private university or out of state, check with that college regarding transfer.

Core Curriculum

Career & Technical Education Courses

You may participate in Career & Technical courses and it is an exciting choice that can prepare you for a career in high demand jobs. You can graduate with Marketable Skills, Level 1, or Level 2 Certification. NCTC offers many career technical courses. The admission process is almost identical to academic Dual Credit but you are not required to have TSI Eligibility scores unless or until you decide to bridge to an Associate of Applied Science Degree at NCTC. The AAS degree can be transferred to our partnering universities.

Students with Disabilities

You may still be successful if you have a disability. Contact the Office for Students With Disabilities (OSD) for information.

Disability Services