Admissions Process

Admission & Registration Checklist and Timeline

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All new Dual Credit students and parents should attend a face to face information session at the high school. If the high school does not have one scheduled, please review the information available in our online orientation. Students should only take Dual Credit courses if they are willing to put forth the extra effort, as these are true college classes at NCTC. BE AWARE OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DEADLINE

Take the Student/Parent Orientation

  • Complete an application at 
  • Apply Texas will send an immediate email that your application has been forwarded to NCTC. If you do not get this email, go back to your application.
  • Additional email/s will follow from NCTC. These important emails contain valuable information: College ID, Password, information on missing documents. BE AWARE OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DEADLINE
  • The Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) is NCTC’s preferred test for college readiness.
  • The TSIA2 is available at most high schools, check with counselor.
  • If your high school does not offer the TSIA2 call or email an NCTC Testing Center to schedule an appointment. TSIA2 Pre Activity is required before testing at NCTC,
  • Testing should be completed well in advance of registration. BE AWARE OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DEADLINE
  • High school/college transcripts and test scores are required prior to registration.
  • Meningitis immunization will be required if attending face to face course/s at an NCTC campus.
  • Check with your school designee on how documents will be submitted. BE AWARE OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DEADLINE
  • Students may only register for approved courses by their high school counselors.
  • Meet with your counselor or dual credit designee to complete the Student Registration From.
  • There are two options for registering:
    • Onsite at your high school. Check with your high school counselor for NCTC Dual Credit Registration Day.
    • Meet with an NCTC Dual Credit Coordinator at an NCTC campus.
  • Registering for unapproved courses may result in forfeiture of ALL courses. If you miss your school deadline, you must make an appointment with an NCTC Dual Credit Coordinator and bring completed registration form.
  • Unlike high school, college is not free. Students must check their student portal from MyNCTC to determine tuition charges.
  • Understand your school’s policy if the ISD pays your tuition.
  • Payment can be made by phone (940) 668-4200, in person at any campus Business Office, or online from MyNCTC student services portal. You need your ID and Password to access.
  • Apply for NCTC Scholarships.
  • NCTC also provides waivers for students participating in the Federal Lunch Program. Check with your counselor to make sure your name is submitted.
  • All students who drop or withdraw from a course during any semester will be responsible for paying a portion of the tuition
  • Unlike high school, students are required to buy their own textbook.
  • You can rent or purchase used copies but these will sell out early.
  • NCTC has bookstores on Flower Mound, Gainesville, and Corinth campuses. You can also purchase books online at
  • Free reduced lunch students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.