Makeup Exams, CLEP & AP Credit

Makeup Exams, Proctored Exams, and VCT Exams

For students who are allowed to take a makeup exam, or who need to schedule on-campus exam per the requirements of an online course, these exams are administered by the Counseling and Testing Center on an appointment basis. It is the student's responsibility to schedule a testing appointment IN ADVANCE, and to notify their instructor of the date, time, and campus at which they plan to test. Please call the Counseling &Testing Center in order to make your appointment and to verify that your instructor has sent your exam to the Testing Center before your test date. Students must present a valid photo ID in order to test at any NCTC campus.

All NCTC Testing Centers are open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Fridays from 8:00 AM to Noon. Corinth Testing has extended hours on Tuesday night, and Gainesville Testing offers extended hours on Wednesday night. Please contact your preferred campus to schedule an exam:

If you are a current or former NCTC student and require an exam to be proctored for another program or college, please contact the Counseling and Testing Office at the Gainesville Campus (940) 668-4216 to determine if you qualify for this service. NCTC does not proctor or facilitate exams for non-NCTC students. Please contact the Testing Center at UNT if you have never attended NCTC and require a proctored exam.

CLEP and AP Credit

Students utilizing AP credit are required to do so at the beginning of their first long semester at NCTC. AP score reports must be submitted to the NCTC Admissions Office in order for potential credit to be evaluated.

Please consult the Credit by Exam section of the catalog to see if you qualify for potential AP course credit, as well as to review the courses for which NCTC grants credit based on CLEP exam scores.

North Central Texas College administers the College Level Placement Exam (CLEP) at the Gainesville Campus on the first Wednesday of each month, and you must pre-register through the Official CLEP website. Each CLEP exam is $105, $85 paid in advance to CLEP when you pre-register for your exam, and $20 paid to NCTC by cash or check on the day of your CLEP exam. 

Contact the Gainesville Counseling and Testing Center at 940-668-4216 for additional information regarding CLEP tests, or refer to this CLEP Information Guide. North Central Texas College is not responsible for choosing which test you will need to take. You are required to know the exact name of the CLEP exam you wish to take when you pre-register through the CLEP website.

If you have ever attempted a course as evidenced by a grade on your transcript (even a grade of "W"), then you are ineligible for that CLEP exam. For example, if you failed or withdrew from ENGL 1301, you are not eligible to take the CLEP College Composition exam.

For questions regarding applying your CLEP credit towards your NCTC transcript, please contact the NCTC Registrar's Office.