Beef Cattle Evaluation Center

Herd of bulls moving along the fence of the Beef & Cattle Evaluation Center

North Central Texas College began developing breeding bulls for community members in 1972. Since then, the college has developed over 440 different contemporary groups and over 8,000 individual bulls.

Four All-Breeds groups and many breed specific groups are developed each year. Heifer Development is offered twice per year--in June and October.

In March 2016, NCTC hosted its first annual All-Breed’s Bull Sale in Gainesville. It’s an excellent community outreach event, providing breeders with the opportunity to showcase and market breeding animals. Local producers can purchase high-quality bulls from various breeds close to home. Each year, the sale has included approximately 50 performance-tested bulls.

Bulls are placed into contemporary groups by age and developed to maximize their genetic potential. They are then evaluated and compared for basic performance characteristics.

  • Total gain
  • Average daily gain (ADG)
  • Weight per day of age (WDA)
  • Yearling (365) weight (YW)
  • Height measurement
  • Scrotal measurement
  • Feed efficiency
  • Cost of gain
  • Ribeye area
  • Intramuscular fat
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Frame score

For more information about Bull Development of the Annual All-Breeds Bull Sale, please contact the NCTC Agriculture Department at (940) 668-4217.

Why Performance Testing

The purpose of performance testing is to evaluate how bulls perform based on the average daily gain and how much feed it takes for the animal to put on a pound of gain. This information is used to improve the efficiency, quantity, and consistency of beef production, compare one breed of cattle to another, and assess necessary change to maintain competiveness in the industry.

For a more in depth survey of the importance of testing, please read Dr. Stephen B. Blezinger's article, "Perfomance Testing Purebred Bulls is Important".

Read the Article

Entry Requirements

Copies of registration papers and a completed entry form add
Both of these documents must be presented upon delivery of animals to the center. Normal delivery dates for animals are February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st. Additional tests and dates involving any breeds or associations are conducted if requests are received.
Official health certificate including vaccinations add

All bulls must have an official health certificate verifying that the animal is in good health and has been vaccinated for:

  • 7 or 8-way Clostridial - (Black Leg) Administer SQ, under the skin in neck, 2 doses required.
  • Respiratory Viruses - (IBR,PI3,BVD,BRSV) IBR/PI3-BVD/BRSV Administer per label in neck, 2 doses required. Killed vaccine on the first round, then MLV on the second round is mandatory.
  • Pasteurella haemolytica - Must be recognized as leukotoxoid type. May be combined with Pasteurella multocida. Doses required is dependent on label recommendations.
  • Haemophilus somnus - may be combined with Clostridial vaccines, 2 doses required.**
  • Dewormed - with an approved wormer.

**Optional, but reccommended

Vaccinations and treatments should be completed three (3) weeks prior to delivery. Bulls will not be accepted if the requirements are not completed as scheduled.

Students moving calves into a penTesting Procedures

Each test consists of a 21-day warm-up period to get the bulls accustomed to the new surroundings and is followed by a 112-day official testing period. During this time, each animal is weighed at 28-day intervals to determine rate of gain. Age regulations are provided to show a true determination of the animal's individual genetic growth ability. Bulls are fed a growing-finishing ration adequate for maximum growth but is not intended to over-finish the animals.

The Cost

An entry fee of $95.00 is payable with the application. This fee covers pen rental, labor management, and performance data reports. It serves as your pen retainer and will be returned to you in the event of unforeseen circumstances, which may occur, that prevent participation in the test.

All feed costs is payable in the following manner:

  • $150 per bull, payable on delivery date of animals to the Center.
  • $150 per bull, payable at the end of the second month of the testing period.
  • Balance of the feed bill calculated and due at the completion of the test.

Veterinary service will be obtained when deemed necessary, and the consignor will be responsible for actual costs incurred.

Our Location

NCTC's Beef Cattle Evaluation Center is situated approximately five miles east of Gainesville, TX. From U.S. 82, take County Road 147 for two miles south and follow directional signs posted for visitor's convenience.

The facilities at the Beef Cattle Evaluation Center include all-steel barns and pens, automatic freeze-proof waters, concrete aprons, and shade.

How to Apply

Download and fill out the application form.

Bull Testing Application

Bull Test Dates

The dates for the All-Breeds Test are currently scheduled. The bolded dates on top indicate the birth month of the bulls. Additional tests involving any breeds will be conducted, if requested.

April, May, or June 2017
Delivery date February 1, 2018
Starting date February 22, 2018
28-day weight March 21, 2018
56-day weight April 18, 2018
84-day weight May 16, 2018
Completion date June 13, 2018
July, August, or September 2017
Delivery date May 1, 2018
Starting date May 22, 2018
28-day weight June 19, 2018
56-day weight July 17, 2018
84-day weight August 14, 2018
Completion date September 11, 2018
October, November, or December 2017
Delivery date August 1, 2018
Starting date August 22, 2018
28-day weight September 19, 2018
56-day weight October 17, 2018
84-day weight November 14, 2018
Completion date December 12, 2018
January, February, or March 2018
Delivery date November 1, 2018
Starting date November 22, 2018
28-day weight December 20, 2018
56-day weight January 17, 2019
84-day weight February 14, 2019
Completion date March 14, 2019

“Consistency is the key word for me in my continued use of NCTC. I have been using NCTC for a number of years. You are a reasonable distance from us so that helps. But I like the consistency of the development of bulls at NCTC. I can then look at generations of bulls and see the progress that I am making. I have to have ultrasound data, and it helps that I can get that without making other arrangements. And, the service is great. Rodney does a great job of keeping us up to date of any situation as it might arise."- Larry Woodson, owner of Still River Ranch